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Better mental health today


5 Steps to better mental well-being There are so many ways that are sold to help you with better mental health and with the Internet being a big part of our lives it is so hard to determine fact from fiction.  The big issue is that people tend to look at wholesale change, [...]

Better mental health today2018-02-05T03:24:15+00:00

Anxiety at work


There has been a lot of focus on stress and anxiety at work in the past few weeks, with several news articles coming out talking about these issues. I thought that it would be good to look at some of the reasons that people present to a Psychologist for anxiety at work to [...]

Anxiety at work2017-11-23T04:54:45+00:00

What is a mental health retreat


The retreats that we run are not 'rehabilitation' or medical retreats, rather they are retreats to help everyday people who are struggling with stress to get back on their feet again. Throughout life we all go through stages when we feel that we are unable to cope with the stress of making sure that everything [...]

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